Interim Head of School

Tim Spurrier - Interim Head of School

Tim Spurrier,
Interim Head of School

On behalf of the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees, I am excited to announce that, after an extensive search, we have identified an Interim Head of School. Tim Spurrier has enthusiastically accepted our invitation to serve as the Interim Head of School at Barnhart for the 2023-24 school year. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tim grew up in a family that put a high value on education, athletics, and service. As a result, his passion for working and serving with young people, parents, fellow educators, and in his community has been unwavering. We are fortunate to welcome Tim to our community and look forward to his steady leadership during this period of transition. 

With a background in elementary education and neuroscience, Tim is keenly interested in how students learn, particularly neurotypical and neurodivergent children. Using a K-8 curriculum he wrote focused on student voice and choice and relevant real-world experiences, Tim founded the Waimea Country School in Waimea, Hawaii. His goal was to offer an affordable, caring, and rich learning experience to those who often cannot access private schools. Twenty seven years later the school is still thriving and giving opportunities to a diverse group of students.

Tim has earned a Master of Arts degree in communication and human performance, and he has earned Master of Arts and Doctor of Education degrees in Educational Leadership. He wrote his Doctoral dissertation on the effects of marketing on independent school enrollment. Tim has served as the head of school as well as the interim head of school for a number of independent schools during his career, and using what he has learned through research and experience, schools under Tim’s leadership have consistently seen growth in retention and enrollment, community partnerships, positive cashflow, and strong academics. For his work as a transformational education leader, Tim was honored to be awarded a Fellowship to the Head of the School’s Program at Columbia University. He also completed a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University.

Warm regards,

Jonathan Anderson, Search Committee Chair
Shonte Tucker, Board President
Suzanne Oyama, Board Vice President