Teacher with students in the classroom

Mission & Values

At Barnhart School, we believe all of our students are destined to be difference-makers in the world around them. They are the people who work hard, give of themselves to others, and show genuine compassion and caring. We know that their academic success is essential to help them along the journey, but we recognize that WHO they are and how they treat others are equally important in their development.

From its inception in 1959, Barnhart has stayed true to its purpose: provide an exceptional educational program in an atmosphere of respect and love, while encouraging independence and responsibility. Through a program that offers academic challenge, creative and artistic expression, and a strong emphasis on moral and ethical standards, we help our students to reach their potential.


We grow difference-makers.


A stimulating environment where students embodying the values of integrity, inclusiveness, and perseverance graduate academically equipped to forge their own paths through high school and beyond.

Barnhart School is proud to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and we recognize that core values define who we are to the greater community. These core values are the lens through which we make decisions, identify how we relate to others, and they define our culture. We believe that all members of our community benefit from keeping these core values at the forefront of our interactions with one another, whether it’s on the playground, in the classroom, or at a school-wide event.

Core Values


We walk the talk by doing what we believe is right even when no one is watching.


We value an environment that is emotionally and physically safe.


We embrace individuality and treat every person with respect, compassion and kindness.


We are nimble and adapt to the needs of the individual members of our community.


We stay the course by growing together and not giving up when faced with challenges.


We believe that life should be fun and we celebrate the joy together.