Kindergarten Program

Barnhart prides itself as one of the top private kindergarten programs in the San Gabriel Valley. Our small class sizes and comprehensive emphasis on social-emotional learning prepares your child for a graceful transition into elementary school. 


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One of the Top Private Kindergartens in the            Pasadena Area

At Barnhart, we believe our students are capable of being difference-makers in the world around them. While academic success is essential for their futures, we know that who they are and how they treat others is equally important to the growth and development of the whole child.


Preparing Your Child For SuccessOur kindergarten program is designed to grow your child's academic skills while in an environment that fosters playfulness, positive social interactions, and the problem-solving skills needed for the transition into first grade. Barnhart's student-to-teacher ratio enables both small-group and individualized instruction to meet the unique needs and abilities of all students.


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Key Components of Our Curriculum Include:

  • Reading/Phonics/Writing: Barnhart's comprehensive reading program includes guided and shared reading, leveled books, and comprehension skills, with a specific focus on phonics and learning sight words. Students learn to read with fluency through whole-class read-aloud and smaller, ability-based groups. The teacher's College Reading and Writing Project, pioneered by Lucy Calkins at Columbia University, provides the cornerstone of our writing instruction. Students learn the craft of writing through personal narrative writing based on personal experiences and knowledge base. By the end of the school year, students will publish a variety of different genres of writing.
  • Mathematics: Math instruction focuses on complex thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative games to motivate learning through the Eureka Math curriculum. This program encourages deeper learning, critical analysis, and conceptual understanding. These applied mathematics strategies help students fully understand mathematical concepts and theories through direct application and use of concepts. We encourage divergent thinking and multiple approaches to problem-solving and critical thinking. 
  • Science: Our science program plays an integral role in our curriculum, with units that focus on life, earth, and physical sciences, along with numerous opportunities for experiments and hands-on learning. In the spring semester, students of all grade levels participate in our annual STEAM Celebration. This weeklong celebration provides the opportunity for students to explore the beauty of science and math during interactive workshops with experts and interacting with student-led projects. 
  • Social Studies: Social studies units begin with a focus on community, culture, and geographic elements. Topics such as citizenship, community helpers, and national and state symbols will be covered through experiential activities, games, teacher demonstrations, and media. 

Above & Beyond Child DevelopmentThroughout the school year, your child will feel engaged with a comprehensive curriculum that embodies cognitive development, social-emotional learning, and physical education. This whole-child approach is further supported and enhanced by a team of specialists who provide enriching and exploratory classes such as Music, Spanish, Art, Library, and Technology. All Kindergarteners use iPads as an integral part of their education as they learn to love the process of information discovery and skill development.


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