Elementary School

Our school offers a stimulating learning environment where students are encouraged to express themselves creatively, and artistically, and to show genuine compassion for others. Our elementary school program strives for academic excellence while instilling our core values of integrity, inclusiveness, and perseverance in our students.


Student Writing



Reading instruction in the elementary grades centers around a balanced literacy approach, which includes shared reading, read-alouds, guided reading, and independent reading. 


Writing instruction in the elementary grades incorporates a writer’s workshop approach. Each quarter, students focus on a different genre of writing: narrative, expository, persuasive, and creative writing, such as fairytale or realistic fiction.


Math instruction in the elementary grades focuses on developing flexible thinkers who can solve problems in a variety of ways and explain their reasoning to others. Elementary students use the Eureka/Engage New York curriculum and its digital component, Zearn.


Social Studies

Class Trips

Barnhart has an extensive progression of hands-on Environmental and Physical Science Field Trips for all grade levels. With this first-hand exposure to new places, people, and ideas, they open their eyes and expand their knowledge. Field study also builds a sense of community among the student body through shared experiences. When students interact with the world around them, they become actively engaged in learning. A dynamic environment sparks a very engaging learning process.

These extensive learning excursions benefit students by reinforcing the academic curriculum through hands-on experiences in the real world. Equally important, students progressively build independence and resilience as they are systematically led to step “out of their comfort zone, and into their learning zone.”