Our Spanish program is an integral part of learning at Barnhart starting with our Kindergarteners. The elementary Spanish program builds the foundation for the Middle School Spanish class. Elementary students receive Spanish instruction multiple times a week and increase their exposure each year. By Middle School, Spanish is one of the core academic subjects that students attend daily.

By the time our students graduate from 8th grade they can:

- Use Spanish/English dictionary
- Communicate in practical everyday language
- Obtain and provide information in a variety of topics  
- Follow a planned schedule
- Learn to follow patterns in conjugation
- Understand practices and perspectives of various Latin American cultures
- Understand the relationship between products and culture

Students leave Barnhart having received a full year of high school Spanish I. Due to our rigorous Middle School program, Barnhart students are frequently placed in advanced levels of Spanish.


Each year our 7th grade students learn to make tortillas from scratch as part of our          Spanish curriculum.