What is STEAM?

STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students specifically in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEAM learning aims to integrate these four disciplines into a cohesive teaching strategy that uses real-world applications. The goal of STEAM education is to encourage students to use their cross-disciplinary knowledge for problem-solving.

What Are The Benefits of STEAM?

STEAM education helps students grow their communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills. These skills help prepare students for the real world, and can even pique their interest in a career in a STEAM field. STEAM jobs are in-demand and growing rapidly, especially in areas of computing, engineering, physical science, and mathematics. 

The major benefit of a STEAM program is that students learn 21st-century skills - the knowledge and life skills that are critically important to student success in today's world. The most commonly cited 21st-century skills include:​​​

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  • Critical thinking
  • Communication and social skill
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Digital literacy and technology skills
  • Information literacy
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Problem-solving
  • Innovation

Ultimately, these skills are essential in a worldwide market that is constantly evolving because they teach students to adapt to change (or even enact it). These skills are not just valuable for STEAM careers, but any career.

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A STEAM Learning Environment.

At Barnhart School, we provide students with a STEAM (science, technology, the arts, and math) learning environment that allows teachers the flexibility to design instructional strategies, lessons, and projects that actively engage student learning and promote flexible, creative, and complex thinking skills. 

  • Science - Our science program plays an integral role in our curriculum. Science units focus on life, earth, and physical sciences and also provide opportunities for experiments and hands-on learning. In the spring, students of all grade levels participate in our annual STEAM Celebration. This is a weeklong celebration where students explore the beauty of science and math within our world by experiencing interactive workshops with experts and interacting with student-led projects.

  • Technology & Engineering - Our Technology & Media Service program is central to the education of Barnhart students. Starting in Kindergarten, students learn to love information discovery and build their skills through time with our Library & Media Specialist. Combining library and computer science classes allows our students to focus on research and fact-finding in a learning environment that will set them up for success. Students use iPads and Chromebooks throughout their elementary years in order to further develop their computer skills. Our middle school students are exposed to a variety of budding technologies and skills including coding, word processing, graphic design, and internet safety.

  • Arts - Barnhart’s visual and performing arts program introduces students to the techniques and skills that allow them to express themselves through artistic media. Barnhart students participate in a variety of arts classes from Kindergarten-eighth grade including music, drama, visual and art appreciation.

  • Math - Beginning in Kindergarten, math instruction focuses on complex thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative "games" to motivate learning through the Everyday Mathematics curriculum. This program, developed through the University of Chicago School of Mathematics Project (UCSMP), is a well-researched approach to math instruction that distributes the learning of concepts over time. These applied mathematics programs help our students fully understand mathematical concepts and theories through real-world applications. 

Barnhart’s high school and college prep curriculum is designed to teach students how to become resilient, innovative thinkers and problem solvers who can persevere with intention and purpose in their own learning. We encourage divergent thinking and multiple approaches to problem-solving.

Visiting Barnhart School

Barnhart School has been educating young people in the Pasadena area and the greater San Gabriel Valley for over 60 years and we are very proud of the community we have created here. We invite you to come visit our campus and talk with parents, teachers, and students so you can experience this community firsthand.