Unlocking the Power of STEAM Education at Barnhart

Welcome to Barnhart School, where we're redefining education through the lens of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We use STEAM at our school to help shape the future of education.

What is STEAM?

STEAM education is not just an acronym; it's a transformative approach to learning. It's about integrating science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics into a cohesive teaching strategy that embraces real-world applications. The goal of STEAM is to inspire students to apply their cross-disciplinary knowledge to solve real-world problems.


The Benefits of STEAM

STEAM education equips students with essential skills for the 21st century. These skills include critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, digital literacy, and problem-solving. Incorporating an entrepreneurial mindset into STEAM education often substantially enhances how students prepare for innovation in the future.

The best part? STEAM jobs are in high demand, particularly in fields like computing, engineering, physical science, and mathematics. At Barnhart School, we're committed to nurturing these skills in our students.


The Makerspace: Where Creativity Takes Shape

One of the unique features that sets Barnhart School apart is our Makerspace. Here, students have access to cutting-edge tools like 3D printers and laser cutters. This creative hub is where ideas come to life, and innovation takes flight. Through the design process, our students use these and other tools to turn their imagination into reality, whether it's designing prototypes, crafting intricate projects, or exploring the boundaries of technology.

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A STEAM Learning Environment.

At Barnhart School, we've cultivated a STEAM learning environment that fosters creativity, complex thinking, and hands-on learning. 

Science: Our science program, Mystery Science, dives deep into life, earth, and physical sciences, guiding students to think like scientists and engineers and offering hands-on learning experiences and connections to real-world problems. The highlight is our annual STEAM Celebration in the month of March; a week-long event that ignites students' passion for science and math.

Technology: From Kindergarten onwards, our students engage in an exciting journey of exploration and technology mastery. We provide 1:1 devices: iPads for K-2 and Chromebooks for grades 3-8. Our students leverage these tools, including Google Classroom, Adobe, Tinkercad, and more, to enhance their classroom experience, discovery, and creativity. Additionally, they cultivate vital research skills, ensuring they're well-equipped for the digital landscape they'll navigate as they grow and learn.

Arts: Our visual and performing arts program empowers students to express themselves through music, drama, visual arts, and art appreciation. We believe in the freedom of creative expression as an integral part of STEAM.

Math: Math instruction at Barnhart focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills through the Eureka Math curriculum.