Visual Arts

Visual Arts introduces students to various mediums, techniques, and art-making forms, including drawing, painting, watercolor, design, photography, and mixed media techniques. Classes are designed to provide an expanded creative experience and enhance skills. Learning about art history exposes our students to the many artists in history and art movements, allowing them to better understand technical ability and broaden their knowledge. 

It is as important to recognize the valuable emotional and developmental growth that is fostered by creating visual art, as it is to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of art. Each student is encouraged to feel personal success, independence, and joy while making works of art.

Visual Arts Program Details

An Art Club student working with watercolors.

Art Club Student and 2018 Alumni, Alexander Li, working on an intricate piece.

Art Club student creating a background for her piece.

The 2018 Art Club students had the privilege of displaying their work in a Los Angeles art gallery.