Teacher with students in the classroom

Visual Arts

Visual Art classes introduce students to various materials, concepts and techniques.  Classes are designed to provide an expanded creative experience and enhance skills.  Historical art concepts are used to achieve greater technical ability and broaden knowledge. The visual art program is designed to expose all students to a wide range of mediums ranging from pencil drawing to oil painting and everything in between. 

Visual Art Program Details

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Students in kindergarten begin with various clay projects along with collage work (cut & paste) and directed drawing to help refine their fine motor skills.

In 1st grade students begin to create original work while being introduced to art concepts like overlapping, proportion, space and identifying the elements of art.

In 2nd grade students are introduced to color theory and an introduction to creating depth through a variety of projects.

3rd through 5th Grade

Students in 3rd grade create various painting using tints, tones, and shades and focus on color mixing. They are also introduced to abstract art concepts.

In the 4th grade program students focus on using shading to transform a two-dimensional shape into a three-dimensional form and improve their drawing from observation skills.

In 5th grade it all ties together by using all of the techniques they’ve learned and applying them to design concepts. Students focus on designing new products or redesigning existing products. Students create three dimensional sculptures of their new designs. Some projects are collaborative designs and all designs are presented in class for a critique.

Middle School

Art Appreciation Exploratory Classes:

The 6th grade class is designed to guide students through the exploration of different mediums. We'll dive into a different medium each week with a focus on technique. In addition to learning about the various mediums, students are encouraged to create original work using the techniques they've learned in class. The mediums will range from clay to oil paint to pastels to ink.

The 7th and 8th grade art appreciation class focuses on works from the following art movements: Baroque, Neoclassical, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, and Pop Art. Students analyze the form and content of various works of art which include paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Students will have an opportunity to become art critics and enthusiasts. Assignments are designed to develop artistic perception, creative expression, and increase critical thinking skills.

Art Club as a Middle School Elective

Middle School students who are very interested in the visual arts have an opportunity to take the studio art elective also known as Art Club.  This class is for the serious artist who is interested in developing their creativity and improving their artistic skills. Participating students develop a greater understanding of art through advanced techniques in several mediums. They will work collaboratively as well as one-on-one with Ms. Chavez on developing ideas and projects. Participating 8th grade students work on creating a portfolio to present to high schools that offer an advanced art placement program. This class will culminate with a themed art exhibit in the spring.

An Art Club student working with watercolors.

Art Club Student and 2018 Alumni, Alexander Li, working on an intricate piece.

Art Club student creating a background for her piece.

The 2018 Art Club students had the privilege of displaying their work in a Los Angeles art gallery.