Barnhart Parent Group

The Barnhart Parents Group (BPG) has been and continues to be a very important part of our community and our culture. We have a long history of parents volunteering at the school and this is one of the best ways for parents to get connected to each other, our teachers, and our administration.

At Barnhart, we count on a robust culture of volunteers to make the school function at its best. Each family is expected to contribute a minimum of 20 volunteer hours by the end of each year. This is an important aspect of being connected to our community and being able to give back to the school and support our students in creative and tangible ways.

One of the key tenets of the Barnhart Vision Statement is "community." By sending your child to Barnhart, you will recognize the value of creating a future citizen of the world who is involved and connected. As role models for our children, it is vital that we parents accept this responsibility and understand that our willingness to be involved in our school community matters.

BPG hosts events throughout the school year including our annual Carnival, Holiday Luncheons, Gala, Sports Day and more.