Team Sports


The After School Sports teams for Middle School students compete in the Foothill Sports League along with other private schools in the area.  The mission for the Barnhart sports teams is to continue the development of character, commitment, advanced skill development, cooperation, sportsmanship, and teamwork central to the school’s P.E. and curricular program, and to provide a high quality experience in which every athlete has an opportunity to:

  • Be a member of an organized team representing our school
  • Play with peers at a competitive level
  • Have fun at practices and games
  • Be valued as an important part of the team regardless of ability/performance
  • Learn lessons that have value beyond the playing field
  • Improve as a player through increased abilities in skills, tactics and strategies of the sport

Fall Sports: Girls Volleyball and Boys Flag Football

Winter Sports: Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball

Spring Sports: Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, and Track & Field

We are proud that 75% of Barnhart’s middle schools students participate in the after school sports program each year. The teams are competitive and have won league championships each year as well as prepared the students for the high school athletic experience.